Syncing weight to garmin connect

How To Sync Weight to Garmin Connect (with non-Garmin Scale)

Deborah KayBy Deborah KayFebruary 9, 20233 Minutes

Garmin Connect only allows you to sync weight (and body fat) to it directly via Garmin scales.

However, a quick Google search will show you that most users think Garmin scales are overpriced (SGD $239 from Amazon) and not very accurate (especially for body composition). I use cheapo bluetooth scales from Xiaomi which have served me well for the last 5 years. It’s not accurate for body composition, but most bioelectrical impedance scales aren’t anyway.

So I’ve figured a workaround. Here’s how the workaround works.

How it works

My Xiaomi scale syncs to Apple Health (and Happy Scale – my favourite weighing app)

Apple Health syncs to MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal syncs to Garmin Connect.

Smart innit?

The only caveat is that you have to launch MyFitnessPal for it to sync, so if you see that your weight is missing from Garmin Connect, just open the MyFitnessPal app and it will then sync the weight.

This is brilliant because my training app (Trainerize) does not read from Apple Health and only reads from Garmin Connect. So now, Garmin Connect then sends my weight to Trainerize.

Xiaomi -> Apple Health -> MyFitnessPal -> Garmin Connect -> Trainerize.


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