About Me

Ex Bain consultant, private equity and family office investments, now into all things digital. Interests: Web design and development. No Code. Automation. App Scripts. Chatbots. AR Spark / Instagram Filters. Top writer in AI on Medium. Addicted to ashtanga and weight lifting. Obsessed about optimising my health and sleep.

My Work

Digital Discovery – where I write about social media and marketing
Medium – most of my chatbot writing is on Medium, including those featured in Chatbot’s Life
Singapore Sailing Federation – redesigned in 2018
NTUC Heath – currently working on redesign and digital advisory
Level – currently working on website, digital marketing, social media
ColorMeHappy Cosmetics – winner of SWA Website Award 2017 (depreciated)

Just For Fun

Build A School With Me – one of the first websites I built using Weebly for my fundraising for Pencils of Promise
Debbie Discovers Github – the first website built writing code from scratch
Debbie Discovers Strikingly – another early personal website
Stuff I’ve Designed – a portfolio built on on Tumblr
My Swipe File – a swipe file built on Tumblr


If you know, you know.