100 Things that Made My Year 2019

100 Things That Made My Year 2019

Deborah KayBy Deborah KayJanuary 4, 202027 Minutes

This post is inspired by Austin Kleon who creates this list annually.


(Each hyperlink links to a photo memory.)

  1. Morning walks at the Botanic Gardens
  2. Oatmilk Lattes at Bearded Bella after yoga or before Crucycle
  3. Turning off all push notifications on my phone
  4. Taking the bus everywhere!
  5. Claiming $10 each week from AIA Vitality (as well as HPB vouchers for walking 10K steps a day)
  6. When a freaking egg managed to get 1M followers on Instagram – World Record Egg
  7. Discovering that I could have unlimited sauna sessions at Fitness First outlets for ~$130 a month
  8. Getting my Oura Ring after a 3 month wait
  9. Winning a Twitter Gumroad contest for $100
  10. Winning a Twitter Ahref contest for a $800 blogging course
  11. Speaking at EConsultancy’s Digital Outlook 2019 on AI in Marketing
  12. Discovering Peter Attia’s podcast
  13. Listening to hundreds of other podcast episodes (Tim Ferriss, Rhoda Patrick, Kevin Rose, The Genius Life, Ben Greenfield, Making Sense by Sam Harris, Rich Roll, The Minimalists)
  14. Reading book Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber
  15. Trying Impossible Burger for the first time at Potato Head
  16. Wagyu Beef Kway Teow at Straits Clan for Jeanne’s birthday
  17. @msjolyn’s class at Crucycle (also with Yuka and Charisse)
  18. Binding in Mari D and Supta Kurmasana in Mysore class after a 5 year lapse
  19. When the Fiji Water girl photo bombed the Golden Globe awards
  20. New Haircut by Leong!
  21. Learning how to install Google Tag Manager, track events and drop first party cookies from Matthew Miao
  22. Seeing the black swans hatch a cygnet at Botanic Gardens
  23. Going from size 8 to size 4 Lululemons
  24. Fitting into my old cheong sams
  25. Buying super cheap workout gear from AliExpress (and getting June’s hand-me-downs. Thanks June!)
  26. Natalie moving back to Singapore
  27. Friday night dinners at Japanese restaurant Ryuu on Tanglin Road, with unlimited refills of Miso soup (Parents Anniversary)
  28. Walks with my dad at Botanic Gardens (FebMarchwith mom)
  29. Walks with my sister at Botanic Gardens (with Jeanne in April, and again)
  30. Dad’s 72th Birthday and the best Wagyu Beef at Korean BBQ
  31. My dad’s tweets (Follow him on Twitter here)
  32. Matthew saying “this is the BEST ever…” everywhere he went
  33. Birthday Lunch at Bearded Bella with parents and Edmund
  34. Birthday Dinner with Girls organised by Jeanne
  35. Truffle Pizza at Nassim Hill Bakery
  36. Trying new Eatigo restaurants with parents (Jin Fine Dining, Biseryu, Stirling Steaks, Fat Belly)
  37. Spin Class at Crucycle with my OG spin partner Louisa (May, May, May, June, August, October)
  38. Work out then pig out weekends with Eileen (Crucycle, Potato Head, Straits Clan, PS Cafe Dempsey, unicorn latte)
  39. Work outs with Jeanne (Momentum, Still Boxing, Upper Cut, Level)
  40. Crubox with Eileen and Jeanne (here and here)
  41. Watching Sweenee’s play with Yenny who came back to visit from Singapore
  42. Reunion with Des and Geraldine at Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens
  43. Celebrating Edmund’s return from his crazy road trip at Wine Company
  44. Symphony in the park with Edmund and Louisa
  45. Louisa’s Birthday at Humpback, Kilo Lounge, Jigger and Pony
  46. Cheeky afternoon drinks with Edmund and Louisa
  47. Planking and Sit Ups with Louisa’s Kids
  48. Website building + Graphic Design with Zac
  49. Catching up with the Phoas: meeting Han and Justine’s three kids and Yan Phoa at Millenia Walk
  50. Catching up with WG04 crew: Jackie and Marco at Atlas and Sharmila, Nick and kids for lunch at Pollen
  51. Catching up with Brad for dinner at Koma, then Marquee and Avenue after waaaaay too long
  52. Catching up with sailors Cheryl at Venue, Spin with Amanda, Skill and Salad with Amanda) and Samantha Yom (also working with Samantha on writing for Level, Impossible Burgers and brunch with Lena at PS Cafe East Coast)
  53. Yin Yin’s Kim Chi
  54. Other catch ups with old friends (Celine, Zai at Crucycle, Uen-Li, Su Yee, Coffee with Selina at St Katherine’s Docks, Cocktails with Nigel at Nobu, Shoreditch, Pho with Casper, Elaine, Hong Yi and Ewan in Hoxton, London
  55. Finally meeting Jason How in person– catch up at Straits Clan with Sharon
  56. Running into Nas Daily and crew at Straits Clan
  57. First business class flight to London in a few years!
  58. Feeding the ducks with Matthew and Daniel in Richmond
  59. Guinness and G&Ts at a pub lunch with Ros Goei
  60. Roast Duck at Gold Mine, London
  61. Celebrating Daniel’s birthday in London
  62. Jamon and cheese cone at Casa Manolo, Chelsea
  63. First Gelato in Sicily with Shamayn and Tobi
  64. Best Italian lunch at Ristorante Maffei’s in Toarmina with Shamayn and Tobi
  65. Baking bread with Shamayn on the boat then eating it with Italian kaya (pistachio cream)
  66. Seeing dolphins while sailing with Shamayn and Tobi (herehere, here and here)
  67. Sailing from Italy to Greece with Shamayn and Tobi (goodbye Italy, hello Greece, here comes the champagne!)
  68. Making reverse jumping videos on the catamaran (Tobi, me, Shamayn, Tobi Shamayn Steph)
  69. Getting invited to the Pencils of Promise Impact trip in Laos
  70. Seeing the schools that we built with Pencils of Promise (as well as the ones dedicated to Mr Jamie Reeves, Fr Ponnadurai)
  71. Watching the kids wash their hands under Pencils of Promise’s WASH programme
  72. Morning walks and coffee runs in Luang Prabang with my dad
  73. Morning walk with my dad along the river at Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang
  74. Climbing to the top of PhuoSi Hill with my dad for sunrise
  75. Lunch on the Khop fa river cruise with parents
  76. Client offered to pre-pay my consulting fees for 2020